office 365 update not working

Why office 365 update not working?


Due to the system issues, the Office 365 updates stops working and when you open the office related programs like word, excel or power point and outlook may show you the following errors.
Something Went Wrong 30175
Something Went Wrong 30169
0X80070005 Office 365 Activation
Unlicense office or Windows

Apparently office 365 update not working in your computer.

In such cases, it is required to check the route cause of the issue and resolve the same.
The prerequisite checks include the checking of the licensing part of your office program and see if the program gets displayed as an installed program under the programs and features window.
The Windows updates could not install or rolls back to an earlier point due to the system restoration are all the general reasons for office errors.

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corrupted system files

Corrupted system files while performing SFC SCAN

It is important to check the system files health if you find any slow performance or malware or installation kind of issues  with Windows software.

The corrupted system files will be usually repaired automatically by doing SFC SCAN. The steps to execute SFC SCAN is by opening the c0mmand prompt in administrator mode and executing the following command.


Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 might show corrupted file errors if they were under trouble. It is important to repair the corruption to avoid the data loss or to keep it safe from the computer from unusable stages.

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Disk space cleanup

How to cleanup the Hard disk space?

There are  so many third party tools for Disk space cleanup . Using them will also add the registry for the cleanup.

The registry cleanup will create issues with Windows Services. The WMI services are Windows management instrumentation which will get corrupted so easily with the Registry cleanup software.It will effect the installation issues with Microsoft Office programs and Windows Updates.

The best way to clean the computer is to clean it manually by analysing the actual junk allocated folders.

If you are unaware about the process, you may feel free to talk to our expert for knowing the solutions for Disk space cleanup.

windows mail configuration support

Windows mail configuration support

By configuring e-mail accounts in Windows mail, one can easily access emails without signing in again and again.
Use of Windows Mail:
Most users have multipe e-mail accounts and passwords, so it will be a challenge to remember all the e-mail accounts and passwords again and again. The benefit of configuring emails once for ever will make it easier to get easier e-mail access.Windows Mail supports three types of e-mail servers.
Post Office Protocol 3(POP3) Servers: Most e-mail services and ISPs use this type of server. Messages are typically deleted from the server when you check e-mail.
Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) servers:
These servers let you manage e-mails from the server as well your e-mail app on your computer. You can preview, delete and organize e-mails either on webmail or desktop apps.
Copies are stored on the server until you delete them. IMAP is commonly used for business e-mail accounts.
Simple Mail Transfer Protocols (SMTP) Servers:
This outgoing e-mail server handles the sending of e-mails. This is used only for outgoing e-mail and is used in conjunction with a POP3 or IMAP Incoming e-mail server.

Description:  error 0x80041161 appears on windows live mail while doing the installationSome time it may also show up a message saying  memory full.

Relative error codes while repairing or installing Windows live mail

windows mail error 0x800ccc0f

windows mail error 0x800ccc90

windows mail error 0x800ccc18

windows mail error 0x800ccc0b

windows mail error 0x800ccc0d

windows mail error 0x80041161 windows 8.1

The above error codes are frequently occurred error codes knowingly.

Solution: It varies from system to system, in general, deleting the Windows Live folders from the system folders and reinstalling the program should solve the problem.

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Office Installation and troubleshooting

Get support for Microsoft Office installation and troubleshooting

Microsoft Office 2013 started a new look and feel for the users. Office 365 enabled the users to have a subscription based program on their computers.

Office 365 best suits the old computers definitely which you feel may not be kept for longer time.

The office 365 program features all the possible products given with the product and enhances the usability with regular updates. The latest office might have trouble installing or repairing due to many factors.

Many factors involve network feasibility, windows updates, system file health.

Incompatible programs may also create issues which will work along with office programs like word, excel or outlook add-ins.

The versions makes a difference and may requires the latest versions to work with latest office programs.

Office Installation is definitely a challenge on old computers. It is  due to many reasons like missing windows updates, other office product pending repair or corrupted office programs, network issues, router firmware update or DNS issues.

If you feel difficulty in troubleshooting all these issues, you may reach us on voice or chat support for help and we will resolve the office installation, office repair, office troubleshooting, office updates for you.

Microsoft Windows updates are required to to be installed for the new Office installation.


Need more help. Talk with our experts for an expert solutions.

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How to perform SFC SCAN

   Steps to perform sfc scan

Windows 7 users can follow the below steps:

  • Click on the Start button
  • Type CMD.EXE
  • Right click and run as an ADMINISTRATOR
  • Type the command SFC /SCANNOW in the command  window
  • and press <ENTER>

The SYSTEM FILE CHECKING Process gets started and it will run for a while depending on the system performance.

Usually on a good working computer, this process will take up to 2-3 Minutes.

If a Computer is OLD, there can be a Delay due to BAD CLUSTERS formed on a computer.

Windows 8 users can type cmd from metro search screen to  find cmd  and perform SFC SCAN. In windows 8.1 you can find cmd admin by right clicking on start button on the task bar.

Error Code 30175-13

How to fix the Error Code 30175-13?

This Error Code 30175-13 appears due to failed updates and effects for both Office 365 and Office 2013.

As Microsoft enhances the security features and patches on it’s products. This error is found as an update packages failure on a machine.

We have tested a computer with a failed update and computer with a successful update.The test results shown that the errors appeared on system files.The reason is due to the missing updates for the system files.Windows 8 listed corrupted files which are not repaired with a SFC SCAN.SFC Scan is an inbuilt Windows troubleshooting feature to check and repair system files through a command line.

Case Study 1:

This clarifies the error detail. The error appeared when a driver fails to install on a computer.The driver failure shown for a working devices like Printer, Scanner, etc.The driver Update conflict happens when the user tries to install an optional update forcibly while the device manufacturer drivers work on the computer.

Case Study2:

ThisError Code 30175-13also appeared when the setup package corrupted.The Office setup package gets corrupted in case if we have malware, spyware or virus issues on a computer.In general cases it is not noticeable by the users as they are able to perform their regular tasks.But the slow performance, annoying ads, inappropriate behavior of a computer are the outputs if the computer is infected.

Error code 30175-13 can be resolved by doing an online repair if the criticality is less but most of the cases it fails.


The general question users put forward to our techs is that this issue seems to be very common for many users.The websites are global pages and there are many users like you who might use the same programs and computers like you.

Considering the purpose and programs, most of the computers behavior would remain same.
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