windows 8 errors

Solutions for Windows 8 errors

Windows 8 errors can be analysed using the event viewer. Event viewer that can be accessed by right clicking on the start button of Windows 8 or on the left bottom corner.  Event viewer reports system errors, application level errors and hardware related errors using the event logs.

The error can be understood by studying the log appeared at the specific time interval. The logs are shown in different formats. The events of interest would be warnings, critical ,error, verbose and information.

These events can filteredso as to understand the specific error messages and the root causes. The analysis is based on the CBS logs.The logs can be determined further by executing the commands that are intended to verify the logs.

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Disk space cleanup

How to cleanup the Hard disk space?

There are  so many third party tools for Disk space cleanup . Using them will also add the registry for the cleanup.

The registry cleanup will create issues with Windows Services. The WMI services are Windows management instrumentation which will get corrupted so easily with the Registry cleanup software.It will effect the installation issues with Microsoft Office programs and Windows Updates.

The best way to clean the computer is to clean it manually by analysing the actual junk allocated folders.

If you are unaware about the process, you may feel free to talk to our expert for knowing the solutions for Disk space cleanup.

How to perform SFC SCAN

   Steps to perform sfc scan

Windows 7 users can follow the below steps:

  • Click on the Start button
  • Type CMD.EXE
  • Right click and run as an ADMINISTRATOR
  • Type the command SFC /SCANNOW in the command  window
  • and press <ENTER>

The SYSTEM FILE CHECKING Process gets started and it will run for a while depending on the system performance.

Usually on a good working computer, this process will take up to 2-3 Minutes.

If a Computer is OLD, there can be a Delay due to BAD CLUSTERS formed on a computer.

Windows 8 users can type cmd from metro search screen to  find cmd  and perform SFC SCAN. In windows 8.1 you can find cmd admin by right clicking on start button on the task bar.