Top 5:Windows 10 creators update  Features,Improvements

Top 5:Windows 10 creators update Features,Improvements

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)

Finally, Microsoft has rolled out Windows 10 creators update (version 1703) which is a major update (compulsory) in recent times. There is a lot of positive bus over windows 10 creators update features, and improvements.Its smoother than ever thanks to bug fixes. Windows 10 creators update has new features like 3D paint, pdf reader mode in the edge, Nightlight mode selection and custom color theme selection.

Note:If you don’t see, windows 10 creators update in your updates list, you can manually opt it for download through ISO file after loading it to usb stick or DVD.

Top 5 from the windows 10 creators update features from our list:

  • More personalized themes and colors with custom selection
  • More security with defender update
  • Paint in 3D now
  • Edge is getting so much better with add inS like stock tabs and book reader
  • Cortana  integrated with many more apps

Colors and personalized themes in windows 10:

Colors selection were pretty limited before this update, now you can choose a custom color based on the wallpaper or theme you opt to.

setting up colors in windows 10

You can also choose themes and download them from windows store.

Defender update in windows 10 update 1703:

defender in windows 10

Microsoft has taken a nice step by improving this defender app as a universal application.We can say it is a good feature from windows 10 creators update. Now defender in windows 10 integrated with scanning, firewall, family and parental controls and security updates altogether at one place.

Paint in 3D :

Paint in Windows 10 creators update has taken a steep jump with the 3d option. You can choose 2d and 3d paint and start with it.There are a lot of 3D objects for download from Remix3d App which is available from windows store.

paint 3d in windows 10 creators udpate feature

Night Light :

Windows 10 creators update features also include a facility for night work to reduce stress on your vision.It is helpful when you are using the computer in tablet mode, book reader mode.Nightlight setting directly integrated to windows 10 action center right side bottom corner.

windows 10 update night light feature

Microsoft Edge Improvements :

Edge is getting better with every release version, with creators update in windows 10 edge can stock and save all the tabs opened with one single click and allow you choose them whenever you want. And also edge now has book reading mode which is simple and smooth.

Edge feed also gives cards (weather cards, locations cards, news ) that you choose while setting up. The cards are more optimized for geolocation, and user interest.


edge in windows 10 creators update


Cortana Integration in creators update:

Microsoft updated Cortana to integrate it with many apps.With Windows 10 creators update, Cortana can work with sticky notes, Skype, calendar to set reminder, to call to your contacts etc.(Depends on your device support)

Note: Follow the post for more upcoming updates and news about windows 10

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