Windows 10

Microsoft says Windows 10 is a service and it gets better through periodic software updates. These updates will install automatically if they are enabled. Microsoft says it releases feature updates twice a year around March and September. They will be serviced till 18 to 30 months from the date of release.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft changed it's Office 365 name to Microsoft 365 starting from April 21, 2020. Microsoft says "Microsoft 365 Apps simplifies the on-premises Office upgrade conversation by clearly differentiating on-premises Office from Microsoft 365 Apps. With Office 2010 end of service rapidly approaching and Windows 7 end of service already passed, users of these products should be encouraged to consider Microsoft 365 Apps."


Microsoft update services

We are glad to mention that we can deploy the Windows Updates for all the Home computers. The reason why we prefer home computers is due to the permissions. Enterprise users have the restrictions set by their admin teams and they cannot ask here for help. The only thing we advise the corporate or your office computers is to reach out your technical IT support at work.

Office product support

We deliver the similar support to all the office products like word, excel and powerpoint and email program outlook. We provide the services to organize your data and secure with backups. We do the file level repairs and can provide you the email assistance to configure all the emails that support SMTP or POP Protocols.

Valuable Services

We render various services through the paid assistance. Because this requires the efforts and the time to fulfill the requirements. We can train the users once the issues are fixed and then there will be a warranty provided for any free support based on the choices made by the users.


Douglas says he is happy with the services and we made his computers work like new. We have gotten more testimonials from various users. But some were missing due to the server changes. We can make sure to publish your testimonials or feedback once provided after the service immediately. Kindly request the technicians available on chat.