Assured Office Tool (AOT)

Assured Office Tool (AOT) is a tool that helps the customers with their application compatibility issues as they install and deploy supported versions updates. This tool helps to create, manage, and manipulate large amounts of data and documents.

Assured Office Tool (AOT) also help you solve the problems caused:

  • When installing office programs.
  • Internet connection not working.
  • When you do not have enough storage space in your drive.

Functions of Assured Office Tool (AOT)

The AOT gives you more control over an Office installation:

  • You can define which products and languages are installed
  • How products should be updated
  • To display the install experience to your users
  • Help the users to perform office-related tasks easily and efficiently
  • Reduces security risks with advanced protective features.
  • Multiple, flexible plans tailored to businesses.
  • You always need an Internet connection to access up to date files.

How to install Office applications for Assured Office Tool?

Install Office Applications

  1. Firstly, go to You need to sign in with your work account.
  2. Secondly, select Install Office > Microsoft 365 apps > Run , and then click on Yes.
  3. After that, the process may take several minutes. When it completes, select Close.
  4. To install Microsoft Teams,
    • go to the page, and choose Teams.
  5. Finally, Get the Windows app, and then select Run. Teams displays a prompt when installation is complete.
    Assured Office Tool

Live Assist Support:

We are open to provide any software support from this Microsoft chat support page. Because most of the other software uses the Windows platforms to install and use.

In the chat rooms, we can get one-on-one interactive chat sessions with the technicians. This chat service is much helpful if you have long questions to put in front of the technicians.

A long list of questions shows that the users have multiple problems with the computers. It is always and advice to ask for remote support to show and explain the issues in detail.

In Conclusion, Still, you have different issues, please initiate Chat to analyse and solve your concern with our best Technicians.
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