[Fixed] Windows Update Error Code 8024400a Windows 7/8/10

This Error Code 8024400a is commonly caused due to the .NET framework installation failure.These are following ways in which you can attempt to correct this error. Disclaimers: Before you attempt to fix an issue with the windows update, we highly recommend you to take a registry backup and create a system restore point as a precaution method. In … Continue reading “[Fixed] Windows Update Error Code 8024400a Windows 7/8/10”

windows 10 update stuck at 0

Windows updates are important as it provides continuous security patches for Microsoft product build. In some cases, windows update are stuck at 0%. There are various reasons to see this screen. Firstly, you need to check when was the last update successful. That means, there are some changes on your computer after the last successful … Continue reading “windows 10 update stuck at 0”

office update failed Microsoft 365/2019

Office Update Failed Microsoft office is a must-have application for both personal and office computers and of course, it needs to be updated frequently to make the most out of the latest features and settings. While most Microsoft updates may occur smoothly without any prompts or problems, it is not always the case for everyone … Continue reading “office update failed Microsoft 365/2019”

Excel not saving changes

Resolve the issue: Excel doesn’t save changes When working in a workbook, Microsoft Excel saves the files automatically. It saves the file giving it a temporary file name and stores the file with the same folder along with the original version. When you manually save the file, the original file gets deleted, and the temporary … Continue reading “Excel not saving changes”

Something Went Wrong

Getting “Something Went Wrong” Error While Starting any Office Application Many times when you are using office 365 on windows 10 you get errors when you try to work on word, powerpoint or excel. An error pops up, “Something went wrong”: If you receive an error message after installing or upgrading Office 365 or Office … Continue reading “Something Went Wrong”

Office Program not Responding

Office Program not Responding A difficult situation arises when you want to work on any of the MS Office applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, or Outlook don’t open up rather show a non-responding message. This unpleasant result might be linked with a number of undesired situations, When your PC has inaccessible, or … Continue reading “Office Program not Responding”

MS Word not Responding windows 10

MS Word not Responding If you have just completed an important document in MS Word, and you are about to save it, suddenly a message will appear on screen, “Microsoft Word has stopped Working”, or” Microsoft Word not responding”.  In this situation you are left with no other option but to quit the program, which … Continue reading “MS Word not Responding windows 10”

windows 10 update assistant

How to Resolve Windows 10 Update Error not Installing Windows 10 Update is available every after three months. Updating Windows is important in the proper functioning of your device. It adds more features and also perfects the security of your PC. Some users might face Windows 10 won’t update issues. When you are using Windows … Continue reading “windows 10 update assistant”

How to Fix 0x80073712 in Windows 10 to Update to 20H2

The Windows 10 Error Code 0x80073712 can come up while updating to the 20H2 version. The cause for the update not completing can be due to corrupt Windows Update files. In 2021, the recent updates couldn’t rectify this error, and people are still facing issues when trying to update from the 2004 or 1909 version. … Continue reading “How to Fix 0x80073712 in Windows 10 to Update to 20H2”

[Best] Microsoft Support Chat for Office, Windows Related Errors

Microsoft Chat support is a term used to help Microsoft users. We have a highly-skilled tech team trained on various Microsoft products. We work with various users globally to understand the frequently causing problems through our Microsoft chat support page and develop answers for the queries. Here You Can Find Best Solutions for Microsoft Chat … Continue reading “[Best] Microsoft Support Chat for Office, Windows Related Errors”

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