How to create a new user profile in Windows 10

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2019)

Windows 10 profile to new users

Create a new user profile in Windows 10 operating system to resolve temporary windows related issues. It is a common troubleshooting step and we have to try a failed application to let open in a new windows profile. Change to a  new user profile solves most of the temporary glitches on Windows operating system.


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Malware programs, spyware and temporary or junk files in Windows corrupts the user profiles. The temporary glitches can be resolved by replacing

The Windows 10 repair conditions are required in critical situation where an user cannot login to their own profile. A Windows operating system allows you to create mu;tiple user profiles and there are personal space created for each users. Such like desktop, pictures, videos, music and browser favorites, etc.

Steps to create a new user profile in windows 10

create a new user profile in windows 10

Steps  to create a new user profile from control panel:

Click the user accounts under control panel to add a name and password (optional) and set a permission level.

Windows 10 user accounts page is on modern user interface. It shows on a settings dashboard  to select user profiles settings.

Permissions for user profiles:

Create a new user profiles in Windows 10 is two types:

Standard user profile

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The user has limited access to administrator settings and services. A standard  user cannot change some of the features and system services.

Administrator user profile

Administrator profile is the powerful profile which comprises of all the rights from installation of applications to doing a restoration or a recovery on a windows operating system.

How to delete an user profile?

An admin user can only do the necessary changes to the user profiles in control panel to create or delete profile with or without affecting to user data.

Duplicate names

Duplicate names for user profiles mean the same name given to two different profiles. If necessary, it is possible to delete the old profile and create a new one with the same name.

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