How to fix Microsoft Office Installation Error Code 0-1018(0)


Microsoft Office is a robust suite of productivity tools used by millions of users worldwide. However, like any complex software, it can encounter errors that may disrupt your workflow.

One such Error Code 0- 1018(0), a common issue that users may encounter when using Office applications. In this article, we’ll delve into the causes of this error and provide practical solutions to resolve it.

What is this Error 0-1018(0) ?

The error code 0-1018(0) typically occurs during the installation or update process of Microsoft Office. It indicates that the installation or update has encountered a problem, preventing the successful completion of the process.

This can be frustrating for users, especially when trying to access essential features or collaborate on important documents.


Causes of this Error code 0-1018(0):

Internet Connectivity Issues:

Poor or unstable internet connection can lead to incomplete downloads or updates, causing this error 0-1018(0). Ensure that your internet connection is stable before attempting to install or update Microsoft Office.

Corrupted Installation Files:

Corrupted installation files can cause errors during the setup process. This can happen due to interrupted downloads or issues with the source files. Verifying the integrity of the installation files is crucial in resolving this issue.

Conflicting Antivirus Software:

Some antivirus programs may interfere with the installation or update process of Microsoft Office, resulting in error 0-1018(0). Temporarily disabling your antivirus software during the installation can help identify if this is the root cause.

Insufficient Disk Space:

Ensure that your computer has sufficient free disk space for the installation or update. Lack of space can hinder the process and lead to error 0-1018(0).

Outdated Operating System:

An outdated operating system may not support the latest version of Microsoft Office, leading to compatibility issues. Make sure your operating system is up to date before attempting to install or update Office.

How to Resolve this Error 0-1018(0)?

1.Check Internet Connection:

Ensure a stable internet connection before initiating the installation or update. Consider using a wired connection if possible.

2.Verify Installation Files:

Check the integrity of the installation files by redownloading them from the official Microsoft website. This ensures that you have uncorrupted files for the installation process.

3.Disable Antivirus Software Temporarily:

Temporarily disable your antivirus software during the installation or update. If the process completes without error, consider adjusting your antivirus settings to allow Microsoft Office installations.

4.Free Up Disk Space:

Clean up unnecessary files to free up disk space on your computer. Ensure there is enough space for the installation or update to proceed smoothly.

5.Update Operating System:

Check for and install any available updates for your operating system. This ensures compatibility with the latest version of Microsoft Office.


Microsoft Office Error 0-1018(0) can be a hindrance, but with a systematic approach, it can be resolved effectively.

By addressing common causes such as internet connectivity issues, corrupted installation files, conflicting antivirus software, insufficient disk space, and outdated operating systems, users can navigate through the troubleshooting process.

And enjoy a seamless Microsoft Office experience. Remember to follow each step carefully and seek additional support from Microsoft’s official resources if needed.

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