Error Code 30175-13

Error Code 30175-13

(Last Updated On: February 26, 2018)

How to fix the Error Code 30175-13?

This Error Code 30175-13 appears due to failed updates and effects for both Office 365 and Office 2013.

As Microsoft enhances the security features and patches on it’s products. This error is found as an update packages failure on a machine.

We have tested a computer with a failed update and computer with a successful update.The test results shown that the errors appeared on system files.The reason is due to the missing updates for the system files.Windows 8 listed corrupted files which are not repaired with a SFC SCAN.SFC Scan is an inbuilt Windows troubleshooting feature to check and repair system files through a command line.

Case Study 1:

This clarifies the error detail. The error appeared when a driver fails to install on a computer.The driver failure shown for a working devices like Printer, Scanner, etc.The driver Update conflict happens when the user tries to install an optional update forcibly while the device manufacturer drivers work on the computer.

Case Study2:

ThisError Code 30175-13also appeared when the setup package corrupted.The Office setup package gets corrupted in case if we have malware, spyware or virus issues on a computer.In general cases it is not noticeable by the users as they are able to perform their regular tasks.But the slow performance, annoying ads, inappropriate behavior of a computer are the outputs if the computer is infected.

Error code 30175-13 can be resolved by doing an online repair if the criticality is less but most of the cases it fails.


The general question users put forward to our techs is that this issue seems to be very common for many users.The websites are global pages and there are many users like you who might use the same programs and computers like you.

Considering the purpose and programs, most of the behavior of the computer would remain same.
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