How to Enable or Disable Fast Startup on Windows 11?

Fast Startup on Windows 11 is a good way to start your computer faster after a shutdown. Windows 11 faster to boot to quickly log in and start your work right away. When this start up is enabled and your PC shut down, Windows closes all the programs and logs you off from all user accounts.

“Fast Startup,” allows your PC to boot faster almost instantly. In this article, we have explained what is fast start up on Windows 11 and whether you should keep it turned on or off.
Fast Startup on Windows 11

Issues With Fast Startup

It is good and recommended for users to keep it enabled, but there are some issues with this feature on Windows 11.

  1. Overrides the dual-boot menu and straight up boots into Windows 11.
  2. New system updates do not get applied
  3. Some disk encryption programs do not work well with Fast Startup

How to Turn Fast Startup On or Off?

Follow the instructions below

  1. Firstly, press the “Windows + R” key  to open the Run prompt and typepowercfg.cpl and click OK.
    Fast Startup on Windows 11
  2. Secondly, open the Power Options window under the Control Panel.
  3. After that, click on “Choose what the power buttons do” in the left side bar.
    Fast Startup on Windows 11
  4. Now, in the right pane, click on “Change settings that are currently unavailable” to allow admin permission.
    Fast Startup on Windows 11
  5. Finally, disable the checkbox next to “Turn on fast startup (recommended)” to disable the feature and click on “Save changes” at the bottom.
  6. To enable Fast Startup on Windows 11, follow the above steps. Then, enable the checkbox and click on “Save changes”.

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