How to Solve Outlook Error Code 0x800c8101 in Microsoft

Microsoft Outlook Error Code 0x800c8101 can be caused by the corrupted outlook profile. It can try to resolve this issue easily create a new profile. When you try to send or receive the email in outlook then you get the error message. 0x800c8101: Outlook data file cannot be accessed (or) 0x800c8101: An operation failed, the object could not be found.

Error Code 0x800c8101

Disclaimers: Before you proceed to fix an outlook 0x800c8101 issue, as a precaution measure we recommend you back up the emails, contacts, calendar, and folders from Outlook folders. (In case if you are not sure how to back up, consult an Expert for assistance.)

Possible Reasons For Microsoft Outlook Error Code 0x800c8101

  • The OST file corrupts or Internet connection problem
  • Up-gradation of outlook and windows corruption outlook profile
  • Due to system-level accountability
  • Failure on installing Microsoft Office
  • Dangerous system error
  • Clash of antivirus with all the software, or Windows Firewall settings

The Solution for this 0x800c8101 in Outlook Error 2021/2019

This send test e-mail message: an unknown error occurred, error code: 0x800c8101

  1. Create a new outlook profile
  2. Identify the current location of outlook data file
  3. Configure the new outlook profile as a default

Create a New Outlook Profile to fix the Microsoft 365 outlook error code 0x800c8101

  1. Open the system and go to the start menu
  2. In the start menu, search box enters the control panel and click on it
  3. Then open the control panel and change the category icon to small icons at the right corner upside
  4. After that click on Mail or Mail (32 bit)
  5. Open the new window, click on Add button and open the new profile window also enter the profile name in the required position after that click ok
  6. Now, open the Add new email account window and fill the all the details after that click on next button
  7. Finally, outlook new profile creation successfully done after that click on finish button

Identify the Current Location of Outlook Data File

  1. Open the system and go to the start menu
  2. In the start menu, search box enters the control panel and click on it
  3. Then open the control panel and change the category icon to small icons at the right corner upside
  4. After that click on Mail or Mail (32 bit)
  5. Open the Outlook email setup window and click on show profiles
  6. Now, open the new Mail window and click on the properties button to select the data files
  7. After this Mail setup outlook opens, click on Data files under the data file section
  8. Finally, open the outlook account setting window and display the location of outlook data files

Configure the New Outlook Profile as a Default

  1. Open the system and go to the start menu
  2. In the start menu, search box enters the control panel and click on it
  3. After that Click the drop-down under “Always use this profile”, and then choose the new profile and also click Ok

Turn off Windows Firewall Settings

  1. Open the system and go to the start menu
  2. After that enter, the firewall in the search box then left click on the Windows firewall in control panel
  3. Then click on Turn on Windows Firewall on or off
  4. Open both firewalls like private and public, set both firewalls to turn off and press ok
  5. After that go to the start menu and enter the cmd in the search box
  6. After this, right-click on the cmd and select the Run as administrator and press yes
  7. Finally, some commands are entered in the command prompt and press enter

regsvr32 wuapi.dll
At last,  re-enable your firewall is on.


  1. First, go to the Windows key+R and click it
  2. Next, open the Run Window and enter the cmd in a search box after that press ok
  3. Finally, open the command prompt and type the command SFC/Scan now in the command prompt and press enter

SFC Scan

The system will take some time to check. Let it run for a while. We provide support for Microsoft products like Windows and Office and Outlook, we can also set up free tools provided and included with Microsoft Windows and can train you on how to use them to maintain the health of your computer.

You can also ask for System Repair Image support or some Recovery help, we also restore your computer to a point when it was working fine without any issues.

Finally, If you are still not able to resolve this error outlook error 0x800c8101, we suggest you to chat with our assured experts. I am sure they will give you the best solutions to resolve this error completely. You can also visit our website for more information.

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