How to activate Office?

Is your office program shown as Unlicensed?

Not to worry, we will explain you the steps about how to activate office program. The steps are simple as everyone knows to activate using a licensed product key or to have some active subscription. We have ten steps get your office program unlicensed issues fixed if you have a license and still office activation not done.

Do you have any product key to activate office?

Yes, the first step is to consider or check whether you have a good license key to activate office! If you have one, you can simply put it on the activation wizard and enter to activate. But many fail to have a product key in spite of they paying monthly charges. They knew that the product is licensed but not working. If this is your case, we will explain you further.

Get office 365 subscription:

If you want office 365 subscription, request with a Microsoft account on Office portal. Office 365 is one of the cheapest product if you consider it for computer use. Apparently, there are some other versions that are also useful. We will run you through the steps to understand how to get the license product.

Where to get office activation key?

If you are using a long term office product, you will get a product key for activation either on email or your card info which you have received. Let me tell you the easy steps to generate a product key. In case of licensed office, you can check your office account portal to find the product key. It is with 25 characters. This is a key for the office setup and activation of product.


How do you setup office?

Office setup is done with a product key. It is given by your vendor in various modes. The first one will get you the product key on a card and the second one will attach the key on your account. We may have also seen different volume editions.

How to get office volume addition activation done?

This is a simple technology. You need to have your office registered on your domain through your network team. Then run the execution that helps with the activation.

How to uninstall old office?

Old office products are found under application wizard. Right click and uninstall office. Or you can run some office uninstall tools. They are found on portals.

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