Is there an Outlook prorgam display error code 0x80040201

Error code 0x80040201 Symptoms:

When you try to send an email from outlook, it may end up with an error code 0x80040201.

Send/ receive emails may work normally when you test but when you try to do it again from outlook mail, it could throw this error 0x80040201.

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Reasons for Error Code 0x80040201 :

In general, this kind of error code 0x80040201 can appear on outlook when you try to send/ receive emails. It is usually when you have changes in your SMTP settings in the email configuration.

Procedure to Check and Fix Error 0x80040201 :

Outlook Mail settings are accessible from the control panel MAIL icon. There you can follow the below steps to check the same.

  1. Goto Control panel-search for Mail icon
  2. Go to email accounts
  3. Select your mail and click on change and you see those SMTP settings
  4. SMTP protocol is the primary setting to resolve email sending process
  5. If this is true as per your knowledge, goto advanced options from there.
  6. Under advanced, you can see the SMTP server settings with their PORT Numbers.
  7. Switch the security to SSL or Auto and check the same.

Alternate Solutions to Check Error 0x80040201:

In some cases, there could be addins that are recently installed on your outlook program followed by sending mail errors like error code 0x80040201.

It is good if you can uncheck or disable those add-ins from the Outlook app.

Procedure to Disable the Add-ins is as follows

  1. Open Outlook and click on File and Options
  2. Under Outlook options, you can find the Add-ins on the left side
  3. Click on it to Manage the settings for Com Add-ins
  4. You can hit Go from there to disable any active Add-ins
  5. Click ok to save and close and re-open the outlook to see if the issue is fixed.

For any additional support related to Outlook sending email error 0x80040201 or any other outlook issues, you can reach us on chat.

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