Programs shows “something went wrong” messages when you try to open.. It is because…

Some office programs show sudden popup messages on screen says something went wrong. This is because of the incomplete formula on the excel sheets. We will discuss here about the changes you need to do to avoid this error. If you find it still re-appears, feel free to take the help on chat support

Getting “Something Went Wrong” Error While Starting any Office Application

If you are getting the Something Went Wrong Error While Starting any Office Application, Many times when you are using office 365 on windows 10 you get errors when you try to work on word, powerpoint or excel.

An error pops up, “Something went wrong”:

If you receive an error message after installing or upgrading Office 365 or Office 2019, Microsoft offers little help to tell you what went wrong. Microsoft Office for Mere Mortals: Your Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Office secrets and tips for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook Microsoft Office for experts Microsoft Office has been running for over 20 years, but the company has never divulged any of the subscriber details sold.

something went wrong


The problem occurs when you try to activate Office 365 on a computer running an older version of Microsoft Office. In certain cases, Office is disabled by Windows Update, and opening Microsoft Office files can lead to an error message that reads something like “Unlicensed product or product disabled” or “Sorry, something went wrong, please try again.”. An error that says, “Something went wrong and we can’t start your program,” is usually due to a problem with the Office files or apps you opened that cause the error.


There is no specific cause due to which the “Sorry something went wrong” this error message occurs in Office 365. It is mostly observed in Outlook.

The users can try out the troubleshooting following the steps. The basic skills don’t need an IT professional to resolve this issue.

 Try out these steps and you won’t require the help of any second person to resolve the error

  1. Start with restarting your device When you run multiple background processes the system may show something went wrong. This error can thus be simply resolved by restarting your device.

After restarting you can go for re-signing into your Microsoft account and launch an office application from scratch.

This may be sufficient to get it working again.

  1. Repair the Windows from the Control Panel
  2. To correct the error message “Sorry, something went wrong,” use the Office Fix-It tool that guides you through the uninstall Office steps. Once you have run the tool, restart your computer and try to reinstall Office.

This will remove incomplete Office installations and unwanted files. Restart your computer, repair your Office programs to make them work again, and try to uninstall your Office by reinstalling it.

  1. For Windows users who are unable to resolve the error by repairing the MS Office 2016 program, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the program. Basic Troubleshooting Repair the Error Code Repair the Office Program If a repair does not fix anything, we must uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft Office program.

These necessary steps are helpful to understand how to install, uninstall and repair Office:-

  • Uninstall Office: Microsoft office 365 offers an incredible Uninstall Tool on its website. Download the tool, then open it up and simply follow the instructions to uninstall your Office program.


  1. Microsoft Office’s activation error can be caused by Some antivirus programs which are installed on your computer and can block Microsoft’s website. To Confirm this disable the antivirus program on your computer and see if this will help to resolve the problem with the activation error on your computer.

Antivirus software and firewalls can block the Office installation. Proxy settings for Internet connections can prevent the installation of Office. Try to update the office suite on your computer to fix the errors and prevent ‘Something went wrong’ errors when opening Office programs.

Possible Fixes:

There are several possible fixes for this error: restart your computer, fix Office apps and features or manually install Office. If the error persists, run the Office Repair tool and uninstall Office from your computer. The previous solution will provide you with the template you want to use, but it will not solve the problem with Office apps.


MS Office offers a variety of templates that can be downloaded for PowerPoint, Word, and all MS Office programs. Note that you do not need to download templates for the Office applications. You can download templates and office templates and themes from Microsoft’s website.

If the error occurs again, proceed with the following steps to remove Office from your computer.

  1. Right-click on the Office program you want to repair
  2. Select Modify.
  3. To start the automatic installation of Microsoft Office 365 to resolve Error 30088-26.
  4. Try Double-clicking the download file to start.


Select MS Office Suite from the list of program functions in the Control Panel. Select MS Office Online Repair from the list of MS Office packages and click Repair. If Quick Repair fails to fix the 0x8004DE88 error code, select Online Repair and click Repair. After you have tried the repair, you can repeat the process if you want to carry out another repair.

If you can fix MS Office 2016 program errors by fixing Microsoft Office errors, this means that you do not need to uninstall and reinstall the program in Windows 10.In case your app isn’t working, try restarting your computer and this will let Control Panel in Windows allow you to repair your Microsoft Office apps. Another way to connect to your office is by signing into a Microsoft account.


You may also have problems with Office files or apps that you try to launch and give you the same bug. If not, fix everything that went wrong by downloading your templates, but if there is a bug with the Office applications, you may need to create a theme.


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