[Fixed All Errors] Office Unlicensed Product Issues

Office program shows unlicensed product message on it if the product is not activated. The program requires an office license key for activation. Here you can find some more issues,

Here the Issues of Office License:

Word Unlicensed Product:

Firstly, If the product key is used in more than allowed devices, it will show you unlicensed in the other devices.  Unlicensed software cannot be used. You cannot edit the word files and save them. The unlicensed error message also appears if the payment is overdue for subscription based products.


What to do if a product shows unlicensed?

You can get new product key to activate the product in the other computers which shows “unlicensed”.  Subscription products require internet for activation.

Can outlook show Unlicensed?

Yes if you see unlicensed message in any app related to Microsoft office suite, then the other apps also show this message. office products are not official and requires a key to activate.

Unlicensed issues leads to the failure of license of a certain application. The product key expiry or the subscription validity expiry are the main reasons to see the unlicensed issues.

Solutions for Office Unlicensed Product Issues:

The license keys can be purchased online from the product manufacturers’ portal or we can also get the product keys required for activation. We can get you the original product key and also provide you the instant support required for installation and activation.


System local time mismatch vs the unlicensed message:

The local time zone is another important thing to take care during the activation process. The users may travel out of their local time zones to different locations and try to activate the products. This can lead to the unlicensed error messages.

If you need a product key or if you need any help, feel free to chat to our Technicians available on chat. We can provide you a guaranteed support to fix an unlicensed error message.

In Conclusion,

All you need to have is a product key. Start a Chat with the agents to get Fast support.

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