Windows 10 installation

Windows 10 Installation : Windows 10 is an operating system, and this can downloaded and installed using media creation tool.

Windows 10 installation is a file that appears through Media creation tool. Once you run the setup file, the installation starts automatically, It can be installed on an existing operating system to upgrade the software. If you want to do it as a clean installation, the ISO file should be first copied to the USB drive or a DVD and then continue with the setup.

Windows 10 installation keeps changing with its version update. As the package keeps upgrading, there will be a new windows 10 installation available on the Microsoft Portal.  Windows Installation is a standalone package that can install complete windows with a setup file.

When to perform Windows 10 re-installation?

If your windows operating system is old version, you can plan to do an in-place upgrade of Windows.

  • Windows Installer helps you to over write the files of Windows operating system and also launches the latest version.

For any corrupted file issues, you can plan to repair your Windows Operating system using windows installer.

If you are looking forward to setup the dvd backup for installation of windows 10 in future, the windows 10 installer can be used to download the ISO File.

To fix the issues with any Windows updates, this procedure to use Windows installer can be helpful.

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Windows 10 Installer
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