Windows 11 suddenly gets in Preparing Windows and loads incorrectly

Windows updates starts and fails while updates load and restarts with a failure message. Have you encountered this issue before?

We got a new case where the users are unable to update windows 11. The windows update components load correctly while installing updates but fails when the system gets restarted. The reasons are discussed in this article with different features of windows updates.

What updates are necessary for Windows 11?

It is required to install windows 11 updates such like important and there are some optional. This gets installed in computers with the manual method or with the user settings, it can load by default in auto method .

Sometimes, when there comes a major update, it is called featured update. The featured update changes the version of windows as well.

Featured updates contains many imporant as well. These can be listed and described on the updates pages.

If your windows is not loading updates correctly, there is a troublehsooting process you can follow.

The general troubleshooting step is shown in this below video here.

Steps to troubleshoot Windows updates

You can access control panel and run the windows update troubleshooter as shown above.

Try to check the failed update name, then use windows update catalog to download.

Discuss with technicians here and find the reasons to learn for the failure and how to avoid.

System reboots automatically and fails over windows update:

You can restart the computer once in safemode, then you need to notice the above paradigm message for the failed Windows update. If the cause is reiterated, then prefer to repair windows. In general cases, the system repair can be avoided with the help of catalog downladed files. The result for the Windows update failure can only be analyzed when the user follws the above steps. Ultimately, a technician can help you to scan and fix most of the issues with the available advanced tools.

System date and time impact on Windows update:

You can also consider the system date and time plays a vital role in Windows updates. The system communicates with the server and syncs your timezone to check the latest updates available to download. You can ensure the system time zone is set to local. If it is changed, there can be unexpected results with Windows updates.

Software distribution folder for Windows Update Failure:

Windows update failure can be corrected when you can rename or delete the old software distribution folders but it is a temporary fix. The main crypto services can show you the corrupted files on Command line scan process.

The below steps may help sometimes for a temporary fix

Net Stop wuauserv

Net Stop cryptsvc

This above  command line arguments can stop your system update services. It is also recommended to delete those old folders before you restart your windows update services.


If you have problem in doing this method, we advise you to choose a Technical Support from us to help you better. for more information chat with our experts.

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