Solutions to fix Windows 10/11 Update Error Code 0x80240034

Error code 0x80240034 is a Windows update error that typically occurs when the Windows Update service is unable to download or install updates for the operating system. This error code may appear with an error message that says “WU_E_DOWNLOAD_FAILED” or “The update failed to download”.

Error Code 0x80240034
Here are some possible causes of this Error Code 0x80240034 :

Connectivity Issues: The error may occur if there is an issue with the internet connection, which is preventing the update from downloading. To resolve this, ensure that your internet connection is stable and strong, and then try running the update again.

Insufficient Disk Space: If your computer does not have enough free disk space to accommodate the update, then you may encounter this error. To fix this Windows Error 0x80240034, try freeing up some disk space by deleting unnecessary files, uninstalling unused programs, or moving files to an external hard drive.

Corrupted Windows Update Components: If the Windows Update components are corrupted or damaged, then the update process may fail, and you may receive Windows 10/11 Update error code 0x80240034. To resolve this, you can run the Windows Update trouble-shooter or manually reset the Windows Update components.

Antivirus or Firewall Interference: Sometimes, antivirus or firewall software may interfere with the Windows Update process and cause the Upate error code 0x80240034 to appear. Try temporarily disabling of your antivirus or firewall software and then run the update once again

Outdated Drivers: Outdated drivers can also prevent Windows updates from installing correctly. Try updates of your drivers manually or by using a driver update tool.

Use Windows Update Trouble-shooter to fix Error Code 0x80240034

One frequent cause this error takes place is due to replace system faults in Windows. Therefore, the first clever aspect to do is run the Windows update trouble-shooter to repair the Update glitches.

Windows Update trouble-shooter is a built-in utility, and you do not have to installation something to run it.

  • Follow the given steps to use Windows Update Trouble-shooter:

Windows troubleshoot

  • Open “Settings”. You can open them by means of going to Start and looking for Settings. Press Enter to open the settings.
  •  Move to the “Update & Security” area and click on on “Troubleshoot”.
  •  Run the Trouble-shooter.
  • You can proceed with the Trouble-shooter with default steps and comply with the on-screen instructions. Once it is completed, you must restart your pc and see if the error persists or not.

Run SFC Command to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80240034

Windows updates can have troubles due to file device or file registry errors. If that is the case, SFC (System File Checker) command is the way to repair Windows 10 update error 0x80240034.

Follow the given steps to run the SFC command to restoration  update error 0x80240034:

  • Press Windows + R Key to open Run Window, type CMD in it, and hit the Enter key.
  •  In CMD, Enter sfc /scannow in command and hit the Enter the key.
  •  Run the command, SFC will restore your files.
  • Once done, restart the pc and strive to window your Windows as soon as again.


  • Follow the under steps to run the DISM command:
  •  Press Windows + R Key to open Run Window, enter CMD interior it, and hit the enter key.
  • Enter the command DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
  • Run this command, the DISM carrier will run and smooth your Windows image.

You can also test to Update it
run DISM Command

If DISM can no longer discover Windows image, then run the DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source: C:/Repair/Source/Windows /LimitAccess command.

 Manual updates download

The steps for manually downloading an update depend on the device and operating system you are using. 

1. Check for updates: First, check if there is an update available for your device. For most devices, you can do this by going to the “Settings” app and selecting “System” or “Software update.”

2. Download the update file: Once you have confirmed that there is an update available, you will need to download the update file. This can usually be done from the same “System” or “Software update” menu in your device’s settings.

3. Connect your device to a power source: It’s important to ensure that your device has enough battery power to complete the update. If you’re updating a laptop or tablet, make sure it’s plugged in. For a smartphone or other mobile device, make sure the battery is at least 50% charged.

4. Backup your device: Before installing any updates, it’s always a good idea to back up your device in case something goes wrong during the update process. Allows you to restore your device

5. Install the update: Once you have downloaded the update file and backed up your device, you can begin installing the update. Follow the instructions provided by your device manufacturer to complete the installation.

Note: Some specific steps for manually downloading an update can vary depending on your device and operating system. Always refer to your device manufacturer’s instructions for the most accurate information.

In Conclusion,
In summary, Windows 11 update Error Code 0x80240034 that can be cause by various issues, including connectivity issues, insufficient disk space, corrupted update components, antivirus or firewall interference, or outdated drivers. If this still persists, please initiate the chat, One of our Certified Microsoft technicians will help you.

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